28 December 2019

Mogharnas Four Trains

Design and implementation of Mogharnas Four Trainsfor round heads and cluster pendants I’ll finish the show
11 January 2020

Design and implementation of columns and throats

Design and implementation of columns and columns and throats in Imamzadeh Hassan The thighs are designed and executed in a pendant and the throat is in […]
17 January 2020

Mogharnas Cluster Pendant

Mogharnas cluster hanging on two trains, first on the first train with two spikes, and on the second train, which features a very delicate four-limb bed, […]
26 January 2020

Run columns and columns

Design and implementation of columns and columns and secret light on the inner side of Mogharnas main and throat columns in two trains as described below […]
14 February 2020

Mogharnas – Pendants and columns and screws and pendants

Here, the main pillars, with a circumference of six meters and thirty centimeters, should be moved to such a huge column with subtle ideas and beautiful […]
24 February 2020

Cluster pendant installation

Hello, the place where the cluster pendants I had mentioned were offset by two arcs on the ground floor, in fact between the octagonal columns that […]