The staff and executives of this complex have many years of experience in the industry and experience in major Mogharnas projects that are currently providing services. The projects are varied.


    To meet these goals, a team of expert and experienced professionals from different backgrounds and fields have come together here.


    The Kermanian collection aims to provide the most professional services in the field of design, computing and implementation of micro and macro projects by employing the science and technology of innovative works by taking into consideration optimization (time and هزینهٔ) of the employer.

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26 January 2020

Run columns and columns

Design and implementation of columns and columns and secret light on the inner side of Mogharnas main and throat columns in two trains as described below […]
17 January 2020

Mogharnas Cluster Pendant

Mogharnas cluster hanging on two trains, first on the first train with two spikes, and on the second train, which features a very delicate four-limb bed, […]
11 January 2020

Design and implementation of columns and throats

Design and implementation of columns and columns and throats in Imamzadeh Hassan The thighs are designed and executed in a pendant and the throat is in […]
parallax background

What is Mogharnas?

Mogharnas is one of the decorative elements of architecture that plays an important role in beautifying Iranian buildings, especially mosques and tombs. Mogharnas are used as classrooms that are built together to decorate buildings or to gradually transform from one geometric form to another. Mogharnas can be considered as one of the effective elements in the construction of domes, which later lost its original use and was mostly used for decoration. Mogharnas usually work on submerged surfaces beneath the ceiling, but the placement of this decorative element can be on top of walls, ceilings, corners, and the like. Some architects have also used Mogharnas on the front of buildings and have mastered the skill of constructing them to the point that they do not allow the building to be heavy and put pressure on the foundation.
Mogharnas is a kind of ornamentation with dents and bumps that hang in the form of stalactites in some cases, and in fact this type of architectural decoration is a kind of volume decoration. In fact, Mogharnas is a three-dimensional embodiment of the geometric roles and nodes of Chinese architecture and Islamic art.
The application of Mogharnas grew mainly in Islamic architecture in Iran and in the Islamic and Arab countries.

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